About AFEE(Association for Freedom of Entertainment Expression)

About Us

We are the Association for Freedom of Entertainment Expression, an independent, non-partisan political organization. Amidst renewed focus on Japanese popular culture and media by cultural and political interests around the world, our organization advocates on behalf of the freedom of Japanese consumers and the creative expression of Japanese art-ists and entertainers and represents these concerns on a range of issues. We continually seek to expand our professional network and advocacy activities across various fields and industries, including political action, business, societal trends, cultural stewardship, and the world of media.

As proud consumers of Japanese entertainment ourselves, we work to advance the cause of freedom in media, both in expression and universal access. We engage in educational activities, information outreach, workshops, institutional support, stewardship of aligned organizations, and other activities to help advance this cause.
We hope you’ll join us and support our efforts!

Our Ethos

AFEE is an organization that advocates for freedom of expression, and is committed to safeguarding the rights and interests of consumers across Japanese entertainment, in-cluding anime, games and other pop culture industries. To that aim, we are committed to three core ideals:

  1. Advocate For Consumers – We envision a society where consumers, rather than simply receiving content, are able to quickly engage in active dialogue, both with cre-ators and their communities. To this end, we spearhead initiatives to conduct surveys and studies, and are committed to transparency and consumer advocacy.
  2. Hold Free Expression Paramount And Demand Personal Accountability – We strongly condemn any regulations on creative expression. This includes regulation or censorship of content, limiting access to information or entertainment material, or in-vasions of consumer privacy. We believe that the answer to expression that violates the rights of others must be a focus on personal accountability, not a broad limitation of the free expression of others.
  3. Protect the Rights of Children – We understand that the duty to protect our chil-dren must not preclude those children from enjoying their fundamental rights. To that aim, we promote activities and support for the exercise of these rights by those not yet of age. First among these rights are rights to freely consume information and entertainment, speak their opinions, and engage in self-expression. We are commit-ted to defending these rights.

Our Members

Board of Directors

  • Takatoshi Sakai (President)
  • "OnsenHanjukuTamago"(Vice President)
  • "Okotatsudoragon"(Vice President)
  • Daisuke Sakakibara
  • “PG Shiganai”
  • Dr. Masanori Yoshida
  • Densuke Udonno
  • Motoshi Nakatani
  • “haru”
  • Akihiko Kondo
  • "Piro"
  • Chiemi Iwanaga
  • "hitsujinohito"
  • Motoki Nakamura
  • "daiginjo"
  • "nizigenwoaisitenizyûgonen"

Advisory Council

  • Taro Yamada (Diet Member)
  • Koichi Oyama (Lawyer)

Public Comentary

March 2019 - Comment for Guidelines on the implementation of the Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on the sale of children, child prostitution and child pornography


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Bank Transfer

Resona Bank, Ltd.
House of Councilors Branch
2-1-1, Nagata-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Account Number: 033830
Receivable to: Takatoshi Sakai, Association for Freedom of Entertainment Ex-pression President


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