About AFEE

Organizations Overview

AFEE(Association for Freedom of Entertainment Expression) is a bipartisan organization that thinks about various issue of Japanese entertainment expression and takes action.
We will create a network of entertainment expressions connecting various fields such as politics, business, society, culture and media

Basic Philosophy


AFEE claims freedom of expression. Furthermore, in all genres of entertainment such as manga, animation and games, we are an organization that protects the rights and interests of consumers.

1) Activities to protect consumer rights and interests of entertainment

We are aiming for a society that protects the rights and interests of entertainment consumers as consumers (readers, audiences, users, etc.)
For this purpose, we will conduct research on freedom of expression and provide information for consumers and disseminate opinions.

2) Absolute respect for freedom of expression and responsibility for results

We will oppose it from the standpoint of "expression freedom" "freedom of information access" "secrecy of communication" to every expression restriction.
Those who have implemented expressions that violate the human rights of others should be responsible for the outcome of the outgoing and should not limit the sending and receiving acts of expressions themselves.

3) Freedom of young people as the subject of rights

We treat young people not only as a subject of uniform protection but also as subject of rights according to developmental stages, and will promote various awareness and support so that we can respect the freedom of young people to the utmost.
Especially, We welcome young people to touch entertainment, express their opinions and feel like wanting to express.


Board Menber

  • Takatoshi Sakai (President)
  • Koichi Nishikata (Vice President)
  • Daisuke Sakakibara
  • Shiganai PG
  • Takashige Fukuoka
  • Masanori Yoshida (Doctor)
  • Densuke Udonno
  • Motoshi Nakatani


  • Taro Yamada (Former Diet Member)
  • Hidemasa Kondo (Administrative Scrivener )
  • Minoru Nonaka (Manga Artist)
  • Essai Ushijima (Cosplay Critic)
  • Kaneyuki Miyaji (Manga Artist)
  • Shion Fujima(Novelist)


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