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Organizations Overview

We, the Association for Freedom of Entertainment Expression, are an organization consisting of members from different political parties that, amidst the global attention to Japanese pop culture from cultural and political perspectives, considers and takes action on a range of issues faced by Japanese entertainment expressions. We are keen to build a network for entertainment expression that links various spheres including politics, business, society, culture, and media.

Particularly in the entertainment industry, to protect our interests as consumers, we advocate freedom of expression and freedom of access to information and will engage in educational activities of various sorts, information provision primarily through the official website, holding of workshops from various angles, support and development of new organizations, and other necessary activities.

Basic Philosophy


“Association for Freedom of Entertainment Expression (AFEE)” is an organization that advocates freedom of expression and is committed to protecting our rights and interests as consumers in all entertainment genres, including cartoons, animations, and games.

1) Activities to protect the rights and interests of entertainment consumers

We seek to create a society in which rights and interests of entertainment consumers, as consumers (readers, viewers, and users) who express their opinions, rather than as mere receivers of entertainment content, are protected.
To this end, we conduct a survey or study on freedom of expression, provide information, and publish our opinions.

2) Absolute respect for freedom of expression and outcome accountability

We are against any regulations on expression from the standpoint of “freedom of expression,” “freedom of access to information,” and “privacy of communications.”
Regarding expression that violates the human rights of others, its outcome should be accompanied by accountability and delivery, and reception of expression itself should not be restricted.

3) Freedom of juveniles as subjects of rights

We understand juveniles not merely as uniform targets for protection but as subjects of rights conceived in relation to their development, and promote enlightenment activities and support in order to give maximum respect to the freedom of juveniles.
We particularly welcome juveniles’ willingness to encounter entertainment content, convey opinions, and express themselves, and we will actively safeguard their rights.


Board Menber

  • Takatoshi Sakai (President)
  • Daisuke Sakakibara
  • Shiganai PG
  • Masanori Yoshida (Doctor)
  • Densuke Udonno
  • Motoshi Nakatani
  • haru
  • Akihiko Kondo


  • Taro Yamada (Former Diet Member)
  • Hidemasa Kondo (Administrative Scrivener )
  • Minoru Nonaka (Manga Artist)
  • Essai Ushijima (Cosplay Critic)
  • Kaneyuki Miyaji (Manga Artist)
  • Shion Fujima(Novelist)

Public Comment / Statement

March 2019 - Comment for Guidelines on the implementation of the Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on the sale of children, child prostitution and child pornography


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